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Using ABA Techniques to Develop First Sounds and Words in Children with Autism

As you may know, I’m an autism mom and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I am also the author of The Verbal Behavior Approach:  How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders which was published over a decade ago and is now available in 9 languages.  As a Behavior Analyst, I know that any behavior (including vocal language and speech sounds) can be increased using proven ABA strategies.  In this week’s video blog, I’m going to discuss  techniques I use when working with a child who is non-vocal or minimally vocal.


Keeping a Child with Moderate to Severe Autism Safe

In today’s video blog, I want to talk about how to keep a child with moderate to severe autism (who has limited language abilities) safe since there are many children (and even teens, and adults) with autism who have the language and/or cognitive functioning of a young child making safety awareness a huge concern for both parents and professionals.


How to Teach a Child with Autism to Take Medicine

Today’s video blog is going to answer the question, “How do you teach a child with autism to take medication?”

As you know, I’m a behavior analyst and a mom to 2 adult sons, one with autism.  Some of you may not know that I’ve also been a Registered Nurse for over 3 decades and feel that my nursing background has been extremely helpful in working within the autism field.


Teaching Children with Autism to Indicate When They are in Pain

My video blog last week was on ruling out medical issues before treating problem behaviors in children with autism. So please watch last week’s blog first if you haven’t done so already.

This week I’m going to answer the question I get often that goes something like: “How do you teach children with autism and severe language impairments to indicate that they are in pain and to tell you where the pain is coming from?”


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