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3 Biggest Mistakes Autism Parents Make

And What to Do Instead!

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I’m Dr. Mary Barbera, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Autism mom to Lucas, who's been an intermediate learner for over 2 decades. I've helped thousands of autism professionals and highly motivated parents turn autism around for their students and children.

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Hear What Parents Have to Say . . .

Amanda V, Autism Mom

“Our son Jaedan was non-verbal, had self- injurious behaviors—and then you came and showed me how to use ABA—fast forward to today—Jaedan’s first day of middle school. He’s a straight-A student, football player, and is the most caring kid ever. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to connect to him and have a positive impact on his life.”

Nicole B, Autism Mom

“Dr. Barbera’s course has taught me so much and has given me the tools to help my son, Brandon, as well as made me a better advocate for him. Armed with the knowledge from Mary’s courses I was able to find a BCBA who follows and is a huge advocate of ABA and communicate my wants and needs for my son.”

Kelsey G, Autism Mom

“My oldest son Brentley was in an ABA program where his self injurious behavior was worsening. Thanks to Mary’s courses, I learned how to make teaching fun and to gain instructional control. Thanks to Mary I learned what I needed to pull him from the ABA program that was not teaching him and do all the teaching myself at home.”

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