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3 Biggest Mistakes Autism Professionals Make with
Intermediate Learners

And What to Do Instead!

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In This Free Online Workshop You'll Learn How to:

Assess or reassess any child in 10 minutes or less

Reduce or eliminate problem behaviors starting today

Get rid of “weird language” and see progress in kids who have been stuck for months or years

I’m Dr. Mary Barbera, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Autism mom to Lucas, who's been an intermediate learner for over 2 decades. I've helped thousands of autism professionals and highly motivated parents turn autism around for their students and children.

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I'm confident you'll learn several things (even if you're already a seasoned autism professional) that will help you better teach your students with autism who are talking but not making much progress.

What the Professionals Are Saying

Jill D, BCBA

“After taking Mary’s courses, I’m astounded at how much more confident I became in verbal behavior with learners of all levels! I definitely see higher rate of acquisition with my learners.”


“I’ve had a couple of students who were prematurely put on augmentative communication devices. Since taking Mary’s courses, I’ve seen an increase in unprompted manding, and just overall increases in spontaneous communication.”


Kristen Colyer, BCBA

“The whole course was a wonderful experience for me. I am a BCBA and saw Mary present years ago (which I loved) and refer to The Verbal Behavior Approach book often. I registered for this course without hesitation and was so happy I did!”

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