It's time to help your child or clients with the Verbal Behavior Bundle

As language develops, new challenges arise.

Don’t get confused and lose the progress you’ve made.

See what it’s like when real transformation continues with your child or client.

  • Navigating delays with or without an autism diagnosis is often a confusing maze
  • There is a proven roadmap that has helped thousands world-wide
  • The better equipped you are to support your child the more likely you are to see progress

As an autism parent or professional, you have two clear options:

Get relief from the autism maze. Or be overwhelmed by it.

Join us today and


  • Experience better language and fewer problem behaviors
  • Become a confident teacher, leader, and advocate for your child
  • Learn what questions to ask so you can guide the treatment team
  • ​Finally, live the happy, productive life you always imagined!

Change nothing and


  • ​Become more stressed as problem behaviors get worse
  • ​Lose sleep because you’re constantly worried about the future
  • ​Feel inadequate because your child is suffering
  • ​Get even more stuck because you don’t know what questions to ask

The Verbal Behavior Bundle will equip you with more techniques so you and your child or clients can keep progressing without frustrations and can live happier, more productive lives.

Get the Verbal Behavior Bundle and see the changes in your child or client like these alumni . . .

Elissa M.

- Parent and Course Member -

I was a parent on the fence and I would tell other parents and professionals that this is real. It is real examples from real parents and professionals that have real success to share. I would tell anyone thinking of joining to stop hesitating and sign up!

Marie L.

- Parent and Course Member -

We are just so thankful for Dr. Barbera and her courses. Our son would not be where he is today without her. Everyone around us sees how much progress he has made and we are so incredibly grateful. 

Dana G.

- BCBA -

I tell parents all the time, your best defense against autism is education. You’ve got to educate yourself. Therapists come and go, but parents are parents for life. That’s why I love the stuff Mary does because it’s very parent-friendly and it helps them figure out where to begin.

Learn how to continue to help your child’s development by building language, teaching pre-academic skills, improving self care skills, taking care of issues with eating, sleeping, potty training… all while reducing or even eliminating problem behaviors!

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera and I’ve been in the autism world for over 2 decades, first as a confused parent, and then as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.


Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of children with autism and toddlers showing delays. I’ve also trained thousands of professionals and parents worldwide through my online courses. During this time countless children have made amazing gains.


Now you can experience the same hope these parents and children have after seeing powerful transformations. Through the Verbal Behavior Bundle you’ll gain the tools you need to help your child or client develop verbal skills and improve learning. This course and community was created to help you create a sustainable program for your child that continues long after you’ve finished watching the videos. 


If you’re ready to help your child develop crucial skills to increase how they communicate with you and the world around them, this course is for you. Whether you’re a professional or “gung-ho” parent, these proven techniques will get you the progress you and your child or clients need to be less stressed and live a happier life.


All my best,



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  • One Year of Unlimited Access to Toddler and Verbal Behavior Bundle courses and materials
  • Exclusive Membership to our Private Facebook Groups
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls
  • 25+ Bonus Videos

The Verbal Behavior Bundle

A Life-Changing Online Program + Powerful Online Community + Incredible Bonus Resources!

Early Learner Course

Perfect next step for those supporting young children 1-5 (with or without) an autism diagnosis

Module #1

ABA/VB Overview

Learn how to assess and create a plan using an easy-to-complete form that can be done in 10 minutes. Then learn how to implement child-friendly methods that are proven to be effective.

Module #2

Prevent & Reduce Problem Behaviors

Learn why problem behaviors occur and how to immediately prevent or totally eliminate them. Understand how to analyze and handle behavior related situations.

Module #3

Verbal Operants & Errorless Teaching

Understand how to use key verbal behavior strategies to get your learner to the next level. Learn how to assess with the VB-MAPP, and how to add errorless teaching to your programming.

Module #4

Putting It All Together

Avoid common mistakes by teaching language in the right order + the 4-part approach to use when problem behaviors creep up.

Intermediate Learner Course

Develop your own skill set to help improve your child or client’s verbal and cognitive abilities.

Module #1

Getting Started

Discover the 5 most common intermediate programming mistakes and what to do instead.

Module #2

Assessing Your Learner

Learn how to assess functional skills, language, pre-academic skills and behavioral issues.

Module #3

Planning Your Course of

Create a plan utilizing effective reinforcement and teaching strategies so you can reduce problem behaviors in your intermediate learners.

Module #4

Complex Language with

Teach complex language skills to your intermediate learners.

Module #5

Self-Care & Related Skills

Improve eating, sleeping, toileting, grooming, and dressing skills in your early intermediate learners.

Module #6

Teaching Academic Skills

Learn how to teach pre-academic skills, including colors and shapes and more advanced subjects like reading and writing.

Module #7

Additional Language

For more advanced intermediate learners, you’ll learn how to create and use language protocols, teach pronouns, prepositions, and YES/NO.

Module #8

Programming For Success

Bring it all together and be ready to change lives. We’ll review and you’ll be ready to start programming for intermediate learner success.

You're Not Alone

Jump in and join one of the most gracious and engaging online communities in the autism world!


You’ll have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of parents and professionals from nearly 100 countries who want to help make things better for you and your child or clients.

+Your Free Bonuses!

Private Facebook Community

fb vbb-min

Meet other parents whose children have autism and professionals who work with children with autism.
Get help from Mary and other professionals, as you grow inside one of the most powerful online communities in the autism world!

9 Hours of Pre-Recorded Q&A

Listen to these information-packed audio sessions at work, home, or on-the-go. Learn from Mary, Dr. Mark Sundberg, other autism professionals and parents.

Bonus Video Vault

Get 25+ training videos and additional resources. Use these tools to help your clients or utilize the full video vault to train other professionals and parents. You’ll learn how to teach everything from toileting and self-care to proper greetings.

Ethical Learning Series

Receive our 4-part lecture series on ethical considerations in the field of ABA. Hear what the professionals are thinking about to help yourself get the best supports for your child.

Certificate of Completion

Learn how to teach your child to point so you and he can communicate better.

Kelsey G.

- Course Alumni & Community Manager -

Our community is very, very positive, really focused on hope, and focused on solutions and moving forward. It’s a really great place for people to land to get support but also to gain skills and hope.

Michelle C.

- Mom & Course Alumni -

When I signed up for Mary’s course, my daughter’s 1-hour language sample was a very short list of simple gestures, and approximately 3 pop out words. After implementing the teaching strategies at home (during quarantine) for just one month, she had over 300 words and continued to say new words each day! I am eternally grateful to Mary for the massive progress Elena continues to make!

Kristen Colyer

- BCBA & Course Alumni -

The whole course was a wonderful experience. I’m a BCBA and saw Mary present years ago (which I loved). I registered for this course without hesitation and was so happy I did!

Stop struggling and start seeing improvements in your child or clients. Learn the approach that can help you turn things around for good.

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for parents of children of all ages who either don’t speak yet or speak but are not yet conversational. Regardless of chronological age, the VB Bundle is for kids with language abilities of a 1-5 year old child.

Yes, as long as you have started the toddler course and are seeing progress, you will want to move onto the Verbal Behavior Bundle.

My course will help you reach your goal of being an ABA-savvy parent! I am starting at the beginning of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior techniques, so if you follow along with me you will be able to keep up! The homework after each unit is well explained, and we’re standing by to help you out if you get stuck.

Yes, the Facebook Group is very active and monitored on a very regular basis by a community manager, Facebook advisors, Dr. Barbera, and other professionals who can discuss the course and answer your questions. 


Due to ethical and legal requirements, however, we cannot offer specific programming advice for your particular child. Instead, we can guide you as you work through the materials and help you apply the concepts. In addition to the FB group, live Q & A calls with the team are available twice a month and recorded for those who cannot attend live.

Yes, absolutely! Some of our course alumni are parents who have multiple children with autism. They found they can make a huge difference by just spending 15-30 min per day or week with each child. Then, once you start seeing progress, you can train other professionals and family members to use the same techniques to teach your children.

As a parent of a son with autism, I know how overwhelming information on the internet can be! That’s one of the main reasons I created this program, so you don’t have to sift through all the information on the internet. Within the program (which can be combined with any other program you already have in place), I give you step-by-step procedures all based on the science of ABA (the most proven therapy for children with autism) as well as more than two decades working in the field.

The Verbal Behavior Bundle includes both the Early Learner Course (ELC) and the Intermediate Learner Course (ILC) plus over 25 bonus videos. Each Module within the courses is split up into easy-to-watch video lessons. Most participants invest 1-2 hours per week to learn life-changing strategies. The optional homework can be done as you work with your child or clients. The ELC course takes approximately 12 hours to complete, while the ILC course takes about 16 hours.

Yes, all videos, homework, tools, recorded and live calls, bonuses, and the Facebook Groups will be available as long as you maintain your monthly or annual membership. 

If you cancel your membership, you are welcome to come back at any time but it won’t be for this special discounted price.

At the end of 12 months, you will have the option to continue to receive access to all the course videos and our Autism ABA Help Members-Only Facebook Community as well as an entire bonus video vault through our monthly membership program for a small monthly (or annual) fee.

Yes! A certificate of completion for 32 hours of continuing education will be given to all who finish the course. These hours can often be counted toward professional development requirements. For BCBAs/BCaBAs, 32 Learning BACB CEUs can be earned as well as a short evaluation of the course.

One of the true advantages of this program is the fact that you can access it any time no matter where you are located. In fact, since the program was first launched in the spring of 2015, we’ve had members from nearly 100 different countries spanning 6 continents.

Yes, you can hit the message button on the lower left-hand corner of this page or email [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you with any additional questions!