What Shamu Can Teach Us About Training with Amy Sutherland

ABA is happening all the time, changing and shaping human behavior. In this interview with Amy Sutherland, author of What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage, we discuss lessons learned in the animal training world and how they directly translate to modifying human behavior. At the heart of the animal training discussed in...

Using Behavior Science to Support Children with Learning Challenges with Dr. Kim Berens

FIT Learning Center is a worldwide program founded by Dr. Kimberly Berens. The focus of her center is rooted in using behavior science for direct instruction and precision teaching for rapid growth in students with learning challenges, disabilities, and delays. We are discussing how she emulates importance in order of teaching, utilizes virtual teaching, and teaches students on varying levels to improve past their best in a regular school setting.

Diversity in the Autism Field with Dr. Fumi Horner

Autism affects a diverse array of children and families, whether it be cultural, religious, racial, or language differences. Does diversity in the autism field reflect and accept these individual preferences? Dr. Fumi Horner, Japanese native and doctoral level BCBA, shares her perspective on diversity and its place in the world of autism.

How to Teach Children to Wait and Accept No

Does your client or child have a difficult time accepting no and waiting? We’re getting a lot of questions regarding these two issues. So today I have answered a question from our online community about how to teach a child to accept no when they can’t have something and to wait for something when they...

Hyperlexia in Children

Hyperlexia is an intellectual disability in which a child is hyper-fixated and obsessed with letters, words, and reading but has low language functionality. Early signs of Hyperlexia can be linked with early signs of Autism. Today I answer questions about identifying the symptoms and signs of Hyperlexia and how to teach children with Hyperlexia and Autism. I share stories of children with Hyperlexia I have worked with first-hand, and more tips and resources on the topic.

How to Launch an Online Business with Jeff Walker

One of the goals of the Turn Autism Around podcast is to help parents and professionals lead less stressed lives. One way to reduce stress may be to bring in additional income or see the value in online courses. I am interviewing Jeff Walker, my business mentor and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Launch. We discuss how to disseminate information globally, how to find your place in the digital world, how to grow a business, or how to move your current coaching program to the online space.

Building Good Behavior and Building Self-Esteem in Children with Dr. Henry Schlinger

Just like ABA, positive reinforcement is a science. Dr. Henry (Hank) Schlinger is talking about his book, How to Build Good Behavior and Self-Esteem in Children. The information in todays podcast is critical for parents and professionals. Dr. Schlinger goes over the five problems any parent faces and the five myths regarding positive reinforcement. This episode is full of great parenting advice, if what you're doing is not working, whether you have a child with autism or not.

Teaching Toddlers with Autism Using the Turn Autism Around Approach: Hot Seat #3 with Lauren

Lauren is a married mom of two girls, who found my book and courses and is ready to begin to Turn Autism Around for her oldest daughter Avery. She is taking the hot seat as we discuss their fall into the Autism world, the concerns Lauren has had for Avery since birth, and how to implement the steps of the Turn Autism Approach at home and with ABA therapists.