Using Organizational Behavior Management in ABA organizations: Interview with Shannon Biagi

Organization Behavior Management is the science of human behavior, what you know of reinforcement, punishment, and motivating operations applied with staff. Shannon Biagi, BCBA and OBM practitioner, joins us on the podcast today to discuss the gap in HR where ABA businesses are having retention and burnout. OBM focuses on turning the environment around to be productive for both the clients and staff.

Chinos’ Story: An Autism Update with Jocabed

I often get asked about the kids I've worked with, that I mention in my book or courses, and how they are doing now. Jocabed is here with me today to give us an update on her son Chino. He is now age 11, we talk about his progress to this point, raising children in a bilingual household, navigating religion for a child with Autism, and safety concerns Jocabed had for Chino early on. Jocabed gives us a relatable perspective on how the circumstances of raising a child with Autism is always changing, they do get better.

Empowering Parents: Parent Led Therapy for Children with Autism

Parents taking charge is really important. You are your childs lifelong advocate and you can be their best teachers. I talk alot about this in my book and today I am sharing some parent success stories and more information on how you as a parent or as a professional helping parents, can begin to captain the ship.

ABA Therapy: 4 Myths & Truths

ABA is a science we all use every day. I will be debunking the 4 myths of ABA and sharing with you the truth and history behind the practice. I also provide information and resources from the book to lead you to quality ABA with the Turn Autism Around approach.

Precision Teaching and Autism | Interview with Amy E. and Kelsey G.

A mom from our community, Kelsey General, joins me in this episode along with Amy Evans, Precision Teaching Practitioner. Amy works with Kelseys two boys now 5 and 7, who were diagnosed with autism at 25 months old. We hear the success story and importance of the work they do with precision teaching and fluency instruction.

Physical Therapy Evaluations and Autism | Interview with Dawn Meller

Today I talk with pediatric physical therapist Dawn Meller. Dawn tells us what she may look for as a PT when working with children with Autism or are showing signs of Autism. We go over motor skills milestones, and habits that may cause concerns, the reasons behind them, and when to see a PT for intervention.

Autism and Biting: How to Resolve Biting in Children with Autism

Autism and Biting: How to Resolve Biting in Children with Autism I frequently get asked about autism and biting. Is biting a sign of autism? Is it a part of autism? What can I do to help my child or clients stop biting? Each month within my private online communities, I provide a monthly Q…

Building Imitation Skills in Toddlers with Autism or Showing Signs of Autism

#129: Building Imitation Skills in Toddlers with Autism or Showing Signs of Autism I have been featuring a lot of guests but I am here solo to talk to you about a critical skill featured in my book, Turn Autism Around. We are talking about building imitation skills in toddlers with autism or showing signs…

Teaching Object Imitation to Children with Autism

All children learn language, social skills, and play skills through imitation. Kids with autism and toddlers with signs of autism or other delays tend to be very delayed with imitation. So today we are talking all about how to teach imitation using objects. I recently did a Q&A with my online course members and was...