Autism Parent Interview with Eileen P.

At twenty-three months old, Eileens son wasnt even talking. Concerned about his development, she took him to a pediatric specialist who shrugged off her concerns about OT and speech therapy. Like many parents, Eileens insistence on better therapy services immediately has yielded a marked improvement in her sons speech.

Live Q&A Call: Your Autism Questions Answered

For parents who need advice on how to take the next step in their journey with autism, I offer some insights on how to move forward. It can be tempting to see a childs progress and then try to move on quickly to the next level, but I want you to avoid mistakes that will hinder your childs long-term development.

Autism Assessment: Step one of the Turn Autism Around Approach

An assessment provides a clear outline of where a child with autism is at, what skills theyre going to work on, and how effective the therapy is for the child. I share my one-page assessment today from my newest book so that you can see how effective assessments can be.

Autism and IQ Scores | Supporting Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Autism and IQ Scores | Supporting Children with Intellectual Disabilities There seems to be a lot of confusion about autism and intellectual disabilities, which is an IQ score of under 70.  What does it mean if a child is diagnosed with both autism and an intellectual disability? Do we need to be seeking a diagnosis…

New Turn Autism Around Book Available for Pre-Order Now

Im on a mission to change the way autism is detected and treated for millions of people around the world. I wrote Turn Autism Around: An Action Guide for Parents of Young Children with Early Signs of Autism to help empower parents who are waiting for a diagnosis or therapy so that they could stop waiting and start helping their children today.

Shelley Branders Autism Journey & Entrepreneur Book

When Shelley Branders son was diagnosed with autism over twenty years ago, it was like the Wild West in the autism world. With no online autism parenting groups, and with no clear standards on ABA therapy, Shelley set about helping her son regain his speech and learn to integrate into the school.

Abundance Mindset in the Autism World with Julie Cairns

If youre ready to close the door on 2020 and recalibrate your mindset, then lets talk about the steps you need to take to release your old belief system and embrace an abundance mindset. Julie Cairns has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to walk away from self-limiting beliefs and embrace a new outlook on life.

Top 10 Best Autism Podcast Episodes of 2020

I tackled a lot of issues in this years 52 Turn Autism Around podcast episodes, and I interviewed some amazing success stories from the autism community. My top ten list includes my own personal favorites, as well as my listeners favorites as well. I am excited for 2021 and the opportunities well have to grow this community even more.

Autism and Marriage: Successful Marriage Tips with Donna Tosky

If you dont know where the disconnects lie in your marriage, the stressors in your life will show you very quickly. Donna Tosky teaches couples how to repair, renew, and sustain marriages and partnerships in families where at least one child has autism.

Speech Blubs: A Speech Development App for Kids with Autism

Turning screen time into constructive screen time that becomes a valuable tool in a child with autisms speech therapy is one of the goals of Speech Blubs. I talked with founder Mitja Mavsar about the positive role his speech development app has for children who have a variety of speech issues.