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Turn Autism Around®

Developmental delays and signs of autism usually show up before 18 months of age, yet children are often not diagnosed until they are 4 or 5 years old. In Turn Autism Around®, Dr. Mary Barbera explains why parents can’t afford to worry and wait in long lines for evaluations and treatment while not knowing how to help their children. She empowers parents, caregivers, and early intervention professionals to regain hope and take back control with simple strategies to dramatically improve outcomes for their children.


Dr. Barbera has created a new approach to teaching kids with developmental delays that uses the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) married with a positive, child-friendly methodology that any parent can use–whether or not their child has delays–to learn to teach communication skills, socialization strategies, as well as tackle sleep, eating, potty training, and behavior challenges in a positive, effective, and lasting way.

Meet the Author


Mary is an award-winning international speaker, podcaster, and online course creator.

Her mission is to help parents and professionals turn autism (or signs of autism) around for millions of children around the world.


Mary Lynch Barbera, Ph.D.,RN, BCBA-D, “fell” into the autism world in the late 1990s when her first-born son Lucas started showing signs of autism.

Over the past two decades, Mary has transformed from an overwhelmed and confused parent to a doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and the author of The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders.

Rave Reviews

Mary Barbera has written the how-to, 'action guide' for parents concerned about their child’s development. Filled with personal anecdotes from her own journey, Barbera provides practical, research-based ideas for navigating those first few years of an autism diagnosis. From toilet training to increasing language, Barbera’s recommendations will no doubt help families feel less alone and empower them to help their child with autism today!
Dr. Bridget Taylor, PsyD., BCBA-D
Cofounder and CEO of Alpine Learning Group
“As an occupational therapist working with young children for over 30 years, I’m excited to recommend Mary’s new book, which will empower parents as well as early intervention professionals to take action. In very clear and concise steps, parents and professionals will learn how to help their children and clients improve language, social, and self-care skills while reducing problem behaviors.”
Dore Blanchet MS., OTR/L
Occupational Therapist and owner of Step by Step Pediatric Therapy Inc.
“It's been amazing to watch Mary's mission to turn autism around for millions. This book will be life-changing for many children and families around the world."
Jeff Walker
Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller "Launch"
"As a parent of a newly diagnosed toddler on the spectrum, I have to say that the advice and strategies in this book have been absolutely life-changing for our family. The contents in this book are proof there is always something you can do to help your child while you're waiting for an evaluation that might be months away. My 2-year-old daughter, Elena, is living proof that remarkable progress can be made in those precious months of "waiting." This is a must-read for any parent who is concerned about developmental delays in their child."
Michelle C.
Parent of Elena (a toddler featured in the book)
“I have been fortunate to have known Dr. Mary Barbera for close to 20 years and have seen firsthand the positive impact of her work. In Turn Autism Around®, she shares the wealth of her experience to families who may be feeling incredibly scared and alone. Not only does she help parents and family members understand the power of early intervention, but she also empowers them to effectively deliver it. Turn Autism Around® is that rare book which provides a ton of information and recommendations without being overwhelming or intimidating.”
Michael J. Murray, M.D.
Director, Division of Autism Services and Department of Psychiatry, Penn State Health
“While showcasing the power behind the science of behavior analysis, Dr. Mary Barbera teaches parents how to implement fun, child-friendly interventions, even without access to well-trained professionals. These techniques, as outlined in her book, will have positive, life-long effects for your child, enabling you to take your power back as a parent.”
Amanda N. Kelly
Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA, aka Behaviorbabe
“Mary Barbera’s book and program empowered my family to begin turning autism around. While waiting for a diagnosis and eventual professional help, I was given the tools to begin teaching my grandson to communicate and shape his behaviors. Mary’s approach is easy to learn and helped this grandma move mountains in the progress and development of our grandson.”
Diane H.
“Gung-Ho” grandmother
“Mary Barbera’s action guide, Turn Autism Around®, is the perfect ‘first responder’ resource for parents who are seeing the early signs of autism and who must make critical decisions concerning intervention and educational programming. It gives parents practical tools and strategies that they can begin to use immediately, even prior to the completion of formal assessments, thus taking advantage of precious intervention time that otherwise might be squandered.”
Gary S. Mayerson
Attorney and author of Autism’s Declaration of Independence
“This book is full of useful resources and helpful strategies to improve learning and decrease interfering behaviors. The forms, guidelines, and practical examples should be immensely helpful for those working with individuals who need support with areas such as communication, socialization, behavior, and daily living.”
Lynn Kern Koegel, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
“This book is truly a must-read for every parent! It will help you see the signs at the critical earliest stages and move forward with confidence to help your child. Even if your child isn’t on the spectrum, Mary’s easy-to-follow steps will deepen your relationship with your child. It’s the book I desperately needed 24 years ago when my son Sam started showing signs of autism. This book is sure to make a difference for millions of families around the world.”
Shelley Brander
Autism mom of a college graduate and author of Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur
“Dr. Mary Barbera’s book is an elegant guide to enhancing parenting skills for children with early signs of autism. Blending science and compassion is not only the true heart of behavior analysis but a humane and kind method for helping all children thrive.”
Rick Kubina
Ph.D., BCBA-D, professor, The Pennsylvania State University
“Turn Autism Around® is practical, empowering, optimistic, and highly readable. It takes its place among the small but growing number of valuable contemporary science-based resources for parents of children with autism.”
William L. Heward, Ed.D., BCBA-D
Professor Emeritus, College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University
“This book effortlessly covers the wide array of child development domains that exist for all children from play to sleep and everything in between. We live in a time where many of us parents feel lost and frustrated and this book gives us all an opportunity to re-connect with confidence and lessen the stress of the day-to-day toll of society.”
Megan Miller, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA
Author and Founder of Do Better Collective
If your child has no words, few words, or is showing any kind of delays, Mary's book will help, while also providing step-by-step instructions for potty training, feeding, sleep, tantrums, and more.
Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
Author of "The Way I See It" and other books
"As a professor of brain and cognitive science, and the mother of twins born at 24 weeks, I deeply appreciate Dr. Barbera’s commitment to serving and empowering scared parents who are looking, not just for answers, but for a roadmap. With this book Dr. Barbera takes parents out of the nerve-wracking position of waiting on experts in a broken medical system and gives them the tools they need to begin helping their children now. Turn Autism Around® is absolutely essential reading.”
Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson
New York Times Bestselling Author of "Bright Line Eating"
Dr. Barbera’s book lays out a very nice sequence of “what to do” for a child with autism or signs of autism, presented by someone who really knows what to do. The timing for this book is perfect
Mark L. Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Author of the "VB-MAPP"
“When my daughter began displaying speech, behavior, and socialization difficulties before the age of 3, I didn’t know what to do. I knew something was going wrong with my child, and fortunately, I stumbled across a treatment that helped her. As it turns out, not waiting for a diagnosis was the best thing I could’ve done. That was lucky. But it shouldn’t be about luck. And now, it doesn’t have to be! This is the guidebook that I wish I’d had, and that so many parents desperately need.”
Julie Ann Cairns
Mom and Author of "The Abundance Code"
“Turn Autism Around® is a detailed book that provides parents with actionable steps that will allow their children to learn and thrive. Mary empowers parents to be ‘the captain of the ship’ on their child’s journey to increased communication, skills, and happiness!”
Rose Griffin, SLP, BCBA
Owner of ABA Speech
“Mary’s information in her new book Turn Autism Around® is life-changing for any parent noticing delays in their children. Following her easy, step-by-step action plans set me on a path to help my boys. If you want to turn hopeless into hopeful and empowered, this book is for you!”
Kelsey G.
Autism mom to two boys featured in the book
“There is nothing scarier for a parent than watching your child fall further and further behind as you wait for a professional to tell you what is wrong—and how to fix it. Dr. Mary Barbera is the voice of reason and hope in a world of rapidly escalating autism diagnoses. She’s written the book that every parent can turn to when there’s no time to lose—and so much to gain.”
Oonagh Duncan
Mum and best-selling author of "Healthy As F*ck"
"I’ve admired Mary Barbera’s work as an advocate for years. I can say now as an autistic adult how much early intervention, the main focus of this book, played in my development. Parents, educators, and simply anyone wanting to learn more about the autism community should give this book a read.”
Dr. Kerry Magro Ed.D., CAS
Professional speaker, best-selling author, and autism self-advocate
Mary Barbera has written the how-to, “action guide” for parents concerned about their child’s development. Filled with personal anecdotes from her own journey, Barbera provides practical, research-based ideas for navigating those first few years of an autism diagnosis. From toilet training to increasing language, Barbera’s recommendations will no doubt help families feel less alone and empower them to help their child with autism today!
Dr. Bridget Taylor
PsyD., BCBA-D Cofounder and CEO of Alpine Learning Group
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