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Praise for the Online Courses

Casey is an autism mom and course alumni who took action prior to a diagnosis because things weren’t happening fast enough. Hear what she has to say!

Ria was getting intensive speech therapy for her son who was experiencing delays but was not satisfied with the lack of progress. She joined the course and saw so much growth in her son! Hear more about her story.

from the Parents


“…detailed, but not overwhelming; comprehensive, but tailored to early learners; informative, but to the point; and always focused on how to practically help children with autism. An amazing feat!” – Magui M.,
Parent to a 4-year-old son with Autism, Scotland

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“Thanks to Mary and her courses for teaching me how to use the TAA approach, personalize goals for my child and be the captain of the ship. My son does not have a diagnosis of autism, but a severe speech delay; however, I use all of the strategies, and it works!” –Katty, Course Alumni


“I would like to encourage every professional and parent to join [Mary’s] courses because her courses are really helpful to learn more and help you in everyday life… If I hadn’t found the courses, I would never have had the skills to help my son.” – Valeria P., Autism Mom, Italy

Maria Talavera is an early intervention professional.

Dr. Ally Patterson is BCBA-D.

from the Professionals


“The biggest impression was seeing the difference between some of the ABA videos in the past where children seemed like robots or were displaying horrible behaviors, compared to Mary’s videos where the children are happy, learning well and seem a lot more natural!” – Mags Kirk, Speech and Language Therapist, United Kingdom

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“I am very passionate about my career, and Mary has grown that passion. You get bombarded by a lot of the technical information out there, so I feel that everybody can benefit from Mary’s course because it is explained in a very simple way.” – Arelys, EI Professional


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