PANS and PANDAS Disorders: Interview with Beth Maloney

#126: PANS and PANDAS Disorders: Interview with Beth Maloney Being a parent can be a challenge on any day, but it can be especially challenging if your child starts exhibiting extreme behavior changes and tics that seemingly come out of nowhere. Beth Maloney and her son experienced exactly that in 2002 and didnt have many…

Autism and Medical Issues: How Medical Issues Impact Problem Behavior

#121: Autism and Medical Issues: How Medical Issues Impact Problem Behavior Most of us have experience with autism and medical issues but what do you do if you have a child who doesn't communicate and you think they might be in pain? Some children might bite when theyre in distress, and other children might become…

Live Q&A Call: Your Autism Questions Answered

For parents who need advice on how to take the next step in their journey with autism, I offer some insights on how to move forward. It can be tempting to see a childs progress and then try to move on quickly to the next level, but I want you to avoid mistakes that will hinder your childs long-term development.

Top 10 Best Autism Podcast Episodes of 2020

I tackled a lot of issues in this years 52 Turn Autism Around podcast episodes, and I interviewed some amazing success stories from the autism community. My top ten list includes my own personal favorites, as well as my listeners favorites as well. I am excited for 2021 and the opportunities well have to grow this community even more.

How to Resolve Autism Sleep Issues in Children

Sleep problems are very common in children with autism. With my own son, Lucas, I struggled with getting him to sleep in his own bed through the night for ten years. Using ABA techniques though, I was finally able to establish a step-by-step procedure that resulted in him sleeping through the night consistently in his...

Dr. Keith Williams: Tackling Selective Eating in Children with Autism

How long should you go hiding spinach in brownies just to get a picky eater to eat some kind of vegetable? How much milk or juice should a child consume in a day? At some point, baked goods cannot be the only way your child eats a fruit or vegetable and a quart of juice a day isnt optimal for many reasons, but making that transition into healthy eating for children with autism is a careful process.

Autism Living Facilities and Out of Home Placement | Interview with Lisa C

How do you know when its time to explore an out of home placement for a young adult with autism? Lisa C, a fellow autism mom of three, had to make this difficult decision for her 19-year-old son Ethan recently, and she shares her story with me today. Just making the initial decision was hard, but navigating insurance concerns and potential homes hours away made the decision even more daunting. Lisas story is one of hope, and I think youll appreciate her thoughtful perspective.

Autism and Anxiety

Autism and Anxiety Children with autism often experience other medical issues, including anxiety.  Today, I'm discussing the different types of anxiety that you may be seeing in your child or clients and I'm also going to give you next steps that you should take if your child has autism and anxiety.  Chrissy was one of…

The Role of Functional Nutrition and Medicine in Autism

Everything in the body works together, like an orchestra, and you need all of these pieces in place. Denise Voight practices Functional Medicine with an emphasis in Human Nutrition, and she brings this whole body approach to seeing patients with autism and ADHD. By addressing a patients nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, Denise is able to help children improve their behavior and diet.

Dr. Missy Olive: Medical Conditions Associated with Autism

Medication in the autism community can be a touchy subject. As a professional in the autism community, I feel its part of my responsibility to shine a light on autism conditions and medications, and give you factual information. Thats why Im interviewing Dr. Missy Olive, a doctoral-level BCBA and a licensed behavior analyst with experience in the medical autism field.