Autism Coaching: A Journey of Knowledge, Collaboration, and Resilience with Emily B

In this captivating podcast episode, I, Dr. Mary Barbera, delve into the world of autism with our guest, Emily. She shares her heartfelt journey as a parent of a child recently diagnosed with autism. She also shares how her participation in my new autism coaching program helped her son! So come listen as we go through the signs she noticed, how she found therapy services, and how learning online helped her family. It is truly inspirational to hear how she has become the captain of the ship and all the progress her son is making.


  • Emily’s journey into the autism world and finding the Turn Autism Around® approach
  • The importance of early identification and intervention for children with developmental delays
  •  Effective communication and collaboration among individuals involved in a child’s therapy
  • Implementing Table Time and the VB bundle for language learning
  • Optimizing therapy sessions and creating goals aligned with the child’s needs and abilities

Toddler Regression

Emily’s keen observation skills allowed her to notice early signs, like hand flapping, which led her to seek a diagnosis swiftly. However, the journey was not without its challenges. Emily’s son experienced toddler regression, causing her concern and sending her on an emotional rollercoaster. Through her determination, she discovered the Turn Autism Around® approach, which became her guiding light in supporting her child. If you are experiencing toddler regression, make sure to take a free workshop

Throughout the episode, we emphasize the importance of early identification and intervention, regardless of an official diagnosis. It serves as a reminder for parents to be vigilant advocates for their children’s well-being. We also highlight the significance of spousal support in navigating the complexities of raising a child with autism.

Finding the right behavioral company or therapist is crucial, as Emily shares her own journey of denial and subsequent pursuit of knowledge through various courses and videos. Ongoing support, even after completing a program, is vital, and the potential benefits of group coaching are explored.

Collaboration, communication, and consistency are key themes in this podcast episode. Effective engagement with professionals, family members, and caregivers relies on clear and unified communication to ensure a consistent approach to a child’s development. We discuss strategies and resources, such as podcasts and parent courses, that can aid parents in supporting their child’s growth.

We dive into a one to one coaching session that I did with Emily, providing a glimpse into the challenges parents face. We are now going to be begin offering group coaching with Team Barbera. One particular issue discussed is a child’s difficulty remaining seated during table activities. I offer advice on using matching games related to the child’s interests and repurposing previous materials to enhance familiarity and motivation. We also talk about reinforcement, and introduce VB approaches and mixed verbal behavior activities as potential strategies. 

The podcast also touches on the importance of speech and language development, highlighting the role of speech and language pathologists in refining word lists and setting goals for progress. Seeking the right agency is crucial, as Emily and I share our own experiences in finding professionals who listen and utilize our knowledge.

We also discuss ABA treatment and its impact on language delays, emphasizing the gratitude parents feel for the progress and resources available. Advocacy and spreading awareness become a mission for parents, shaping their hopes for their child’s future.

Overall, this dynamic and thought-provoking podcast episode leaves listeners with a deep appreciation for the power of knowledge, collaboration, and advocacy in supporting children with autism and toddlers showing signs. It serves as a testament to the resilience of parents and their unwavering love for their children’s well-being. Join us in this enlightening journey, and together, let’s make a difference.

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Emily Bounous on Turn Autism Around Podcast

Emily Bounous, a dedicated educator with a Master’s Degree in Education and 17 years of classroom experience. Emily became an autism mom enriching her personal and professional perspective on special needs and early childhood development.