Diving into Autism Therapy at Home: Hot Seat with Isabelle

In this exciting podcast episode, we delve into the topic of “do it yourself autism therapy at home” and the significance of adaptive skills in relation to autism. Our guest, Izzy, shares her personal journey as a worried and overwhelmed mother navigating the realm of autism. She stumbled upon my website and decided to take the free digital assessment, which provided valuable insights into her child’s potential autism diagnosis. Izzy recounts her initial uncertainty in interpreting the assessment results, but a standardized screening tool at her child’s 18-month pediatrician appointment confirmed that she should seek an evaluation for an autism diagnosis. So come take a listen to Izzy’s journey and why she began autism therapy at home.


  • Isabel’s journey with autism; from noticing signs to find Dr. Mary Barbera
  • The benefits of early assessment and completing the free digital assessment
  • How to tackle pacifier addiction
  •  The importance of early intervention and finding the right provider
  • The significance of tackling adaptive skills in autism early
  • Navigating autism therapy at home and resources to do so

Early Autism Assessments

We emphasize the significance of early intervention and the role that assessments play in understanding and addressing autism. Our discussion covers various challenges faced by parents, from seeking an early diagnosis to navigating different therapy options. We highlight the benefits of ABA therapy and the importance of finding the right approach for each child. Izzy did find ABA therapy in their community, but it wasn’t a good fit and she thought that she could provide better autism therapy at home. 

Pacifier Addiction

Throughout the episode, we discuss specific challenges and positive developments in Izzy’s family’s autism journey, such as language development, safety concerns, and picky eating. Her son was addicted to a pacifier and always had one in his mouth before she started my courses. We provide practical tips for pacifier weaning and address the issue of mouthing and chewing behaviors. And, there is exciting news! By following the steps and doing autism therapy at home, her son is successfully weaning from the pacifier. 

We also delve into the importance of autism adaptive skills like hand washing and tooth brushing, and what to do if your child refuses these skills. We also talk about her son’s autism and separation anxiety and how she can pair new people up with reinforcement to help him be happier and more successful with new people.

Our main message is the significance of involving parents in therapy and creating a supportive environment for children with autism. We emphasize the importance of collaboration between therapists, parents, and the child to achieve optimal outcomes. Autism therapy at home can be a great option while searching for this team.

Join us in this comprehensive episode as we explore the wide range of topics related to autism, early intervention, assessments, ABA therapy, language development, safety concerns, picky eating, pacifier weaning, self-care, and more. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or professional, this episode offers valuable insights and practical recommendations for navigating the challenges of autism. Don’t miss it!

Isabelle Carter on Turn Autism Around Podcast

Isabelle Carter is a mom to her 21-month-old son, Benson. He was diagnosed with autism at 19 months.