The Best Books for Toddlers and What To Do When They Don’t Want To Be Read To

Hey there, it’s Dr. Mary Barbera here, and I am so excited to share with you amazing insights about the best books for toddlers we discussed in our latest podcast episode. In addition to picking the best books, we delved into the world of using books to increase language skills in children with autism or toddlers showing signs, and let me tell you, you won’t want to miss it! Even if your child HATES WHEN YOU READ BOOKS, we will help you to pick the right books, and set the stage for success with book reading and language comprehension.


  • Importance of pairing books with reinforcement
  • If you should read the same books over and over
  • What to do if a child won’t attend to books
  • The best books for toddlers and other developmental stages
  •  How to shorten book time for success
  •  Creating realistic expectations during book reading

What if my child won’t let me read to them?

One of the common concerns we addressed was what to do if your child is not interested in reading. Well, fear not, you are not a bad parent! I actually had the same issues with my son. We provided some fantastic strategies to make reading more enjoyable for both you and your child. From choosing the best toddler books that align with their interests, and shortening reading time to incorporating sensory experiences, we’ve got you covered.

But that’s not all. We also tackled the question of feeling like a bad parent when your child isn’t showing interest in books. Let me assure you, that you are not alone! We shared practical tips on how to start with short, quick book sessions and not put too much pressure on yourself or your child. Remember, reading doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, and even focusing on the pictures can still be beneficial.

Using Books for Speech Development

In this episode, we explored the power of books in speech therapy.  I have actually created a full book program within my courses and I will tell you how to do it! We  discussed how selecting books with simpler sentences is best to start this program. Then, we go through and ask receptive questions to help build simple reading comprehension. While you can start with repetitive books, we highlighted the importance of regularly visiting the library to exchange books and introduce seasonal or relevant topics. Trust me, this episode is packed with valuable insights that you won’t want to miss!

A course member shared after listening to this podcast, their great experience with the book program…

“When we started reading books to our 3 yo daughter we did a lot of labeling. We check out new books from our library every 2 weeks based off recommendations from the Book Program video. She has always loved books but rough with them so we sit with her everyday when going through the books to limit page tearing, etc. Sometimes she wants us to actually read every word & sometimes she doesn’t. However, her language has benefited so much since we started doing this. She loves the Maisy books by Lucy Cousins. We also use book reading time to ask her questions. She learned new objects, even propositions from books.” -Course Member comment 

So, join me on the podcast as we dive into the world of using books effectively for children with autism. It’s time to unlock the incredible potential within each child and foster their love for reading. Tune in now for an episode filled with practical tips, strategies, and inspiration. Same time, same place. See you there!