Rose Griffin from ABA Speech on Teaching Action Verbs

Today, I am welcoming Rose Griffin, from ABA Speech back onto the podcast! We share a passion for supporting individuals with autism, and for disseminating the information needed to do so, so it’s always a great conversation.  Discover the inspiring journey of Rose, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), who found her calling in helping non-verbal and preschool-age autistic learners find their voice. Rose shares her experience making action builder cards, gives us tips on how to teach actions, and how you can find quality speech therapy. 


  • Rose’s background as an SLP and her journey to become a BCBA
  •  Why she created action builder cards
  • Rose’s company, ABA Speech, and all their offerings
  • The benefit of using many examples when teaching actions
  • Helping a child go from single words to more
  • How to collaborate with the whole team

Teaching Action Verbs

In this episode, Rose and I introduce the groundbreaking ABA Speech Action Builder cards, designed to help autistic learners generalize their language skills. We emphasize the importance of planning and generalization in teaching action verbs to children, starting with single-word labeling and progressing to two-word phrases. This promotes independent communication and minimizes prompt dependency. Rose explains the significance of focusing on nouns when developing a student’s language skills and shares how incorporating relevant and preferred nouns into therapy sessions builds spontaneous vocabulary. I also share my experiences and reinforce the importance of ongoing action verbs and embedding communication within a child’s daily routines. 

We also touch on the importance of selecting individualized targets in speech therapy for students with high support needs, regardless of their current speech level. The collaboration between speech language pathologists and behavior analysts is vital, along with effective communication and understanding among all professionals involved in the therapy process. We highlight the role of parents, therapists, and school systems in supporting children with communication difficulties, particularly those with autism, and stress the importance of parents being involved and informed about their child’s therapy sessions.

ABA Speech

Ongoing professional development for therapists and analysts is crucial, and organizations like ABA Speech bridge the gap between speech therapy and behavior analysis.  It is very important to see that through her company, ABA speech, Rose has really filled the gap of missing materials for learners that we serve in this space.

 Join us in this thought-provoking podcast episode to unlock a wealth of knowledge, tips, and collaboration opportunities. We aim to create a community of informed professionals dedicated to improving outcomes in speech therapy for children with autism. Discover the importance of having a supportive network and explore self-care tips and stress management tools to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation that inspires change in the lives of individuals with autism. Tune in now and be inspired to make a difference!

rose griffin

Rose Griffin on Turn Autism Around Podcast

Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC/SLP BCBA, is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Product Developer and Host of The Autism Outreach Podcast. She divides her time between a public school and her own private practice. She is passionate about helping individuals with autism find their voice and become more independent communicators. This passion has driven her to create the ABA SPEECH CONNECTION membership where she provides ASHA and ACE approved courses, therapy materials and free resources for parents and professionals alike.