The Transition to Autism Kindergarten with Michelle C

In this episode of “Turn Autism Around,” we welcome back Michelle C., to discuss autism and kindergarten. She shares her journey with her daughter Elena since her autism diagnosis at the age of two. She shares how, when Elena was diagnosed, she had just 2 words, and after taking my course, had over 500 in just 2 months! But now, it is a few years later and we are focusing on the challenges and successes of transitioning Elena into kindergarten. So come join us as you will hear all about Michelle’s decision to not disclose autism to her school and more! 


  • Initial dismissal of signs and diagnosis of autism
  • Effectiveness of early intervention and course progress
  •  Transition from preschool to kindergarten
  • The challenges of autism and kindergarten
  • Progress in social and play skills

Autism Diagnosis and Early Progress

Michelle discusses the initial delays in Elena’s development, particularly in speech, and her journey through speech therapy. Despite initially dismissing concerns, Michelle realized the need for professional evaluation when her daughter’s difficulties became evident. A pediatric neurologist diagnosed Elena with autism, prompting Michelle to seek help and set up various therapies. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their appointments. Michelle then joined my online toddler course that brought significant progress to Elena’s language skills, going from two words to 500 words in just 33 days. I was so surprised and happy with these changes that I actually created a white paper to discuss Elena’s progress! The podcast highlights the effectiveness of early intervention and targeted strategies in supporting children with language difficulties.

Autism and Kindergarten

The discussion further explores the transition of a child with autism from a preschool setting to a typical kindergarten classroom. The transition of autism and kindergarten is not always easy or smooth and can involve transition meetings and IEPs, but with Elena’s early progress  at home and in preschool, Michelle made the decision to not inform the school.  The decision to disclose the child’s diagnosis was debated, but Michelle ultimately chose not to, and the transition seems to be going smoothly. Elena’s progress is monitored through periodic conferences and communication with the teacher, who provides positive feedback on her work and behavior in the classroom.

Overall, we emphasize the lessons along the way, like the importance of implementing strategies from the online courses to develop social and language skills naturally. Elena’s overall language score significantly improved, indicating the effectiveness of these strategies. The podcast also touches on the limitations of standardized assessments and the importance of incorporating other tools for reliable results. It highlights the positive outcomes seen in girls with autism and the significance of early intervention in preventing intellectual disabilities. The podcast concludes with a message of hope and the potential for growth and positive change for children with autism.

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Michelle C on Turn Autism Around Podcast

Michelle is a Michigan mother of 2 girls. Her oldest was diagnosed with autism at 23 months of age by a pediatric neurologist. After 2 years of using Mary’s strategies at home, that same neurologist is talking about reversing that diagnosis. She was a secondary school  teacher for about 7 years. She is married, and her husband is a police officer.