3 Toys for Speech Therapy at Home and Easy Ways to Use Them

Welcome to the latest episode of the Turn Autism Around® podcast with, me, Dr. Mary Barbera! Today, I’m sharing my favorite toys for speech therapy at home! I have 3 toys to show you, and I’m going in depth on exactly how to use them so that you can get started in building language today! So don’t miss this showcase of speech therapy toys so that you can begin implementing my techniques today.


  • How to engage a child at home
  • Autism speech therapy programs for home (Shoebox, Potato Head, Inset puzzles)
  •  How to use the one word times 3 strategy to build language with speech therapy toys
  • How much engagement is needed for a child with autism or other delays
  • About an online course and community

Use a Shoebox

First up is the shoebox program, a really simple but fun activity that utilizes a simple shoebox as a visual and interactive learning tool. I’ll provide step-by-step instructions to ensure easy setup. It’s as easy as getting pictures of your childs favorite items, or items from around the house and repeating the word up to 3 times. They then will put the picture or object into the shoebox so it disappears!  This technique is incredibly beneficial for children who are not yet speaking or are experiencing difficulties in language development. By incorporating the one word times three strategy and engaging 3D items, we can create a multisensory learning experience for your child.

Potato Head

Next, we dive into how you can use the easy to find Potato Head toy. This speech therapy toy becomes a powerful tool in aiding language and body part recognition. We’ll explore how this seemingly simple toy can ignite your child’s curiosity and facilitate their overall language skills. Our focus will be on making language-learning engaging and child-friendly by incorporating humor and fun into therapy activities.

Inset Puzzles

But that’s not all! We’ll also discuss the benefits of using inset puzzles as speech therapy tools for young children with language delays or autism. These inset puzzles are praised for building vocabulary and promoting engagement. I’ll provide simple prompts to help with both expressive and receptive language and an organized approach to maximize effectiveness. Inset puzzles are one of my favorite tools! 

Throughout the episode, I emphasize the importance of engagement and consistent language-enriched activities for children’s overall development. I’ll also direct you to our online courses and communities, specifically tailored for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children who are still grappling with speech delays or are not yet speaking.

In conclusion, this thought-provoking episode offers a ton of insight and practical solutions for professionals and parents of children with autism or language delays. Join me as we explore the shoebox program, Potato Head, inset puzzles, and more as effective speech therapy toys. Let’s unlock a world of possibilities for your child’s language and social skills development. Don’t miss out on this enriching podcast – tune in now!

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