The Last Turn Autism Around®; Why? and the New Podcast Journey

The Turn Autism Around® podcast is ending, and this is the last episode. 

But wait! I am still going to be putting out a new podcast every week, just with a new name. As we embrace a pivotal shift from the Turn Autism Around® podcast to Positive Toddler Parenting™, I’m thrilled to lead this transformative journey into a broader realm of toddler development and parenting support. This change isn’t just about a new name; it’s a heartfelt expansion of my lifelong mission to empower parents and professionals with effective, science-based strategies for addressing developmental challenges. So come listen to why I am making these changes, and what you can expect going forward whether you are an autism parent or not. 


  • The name of the new podcast
  • Why we are changing the name
  • Is the podcast still for autism families?
  • The benefits of the new podcast
  • Introduction of the Barbera Early Childhood Assessment™ Tool

Why Change the Podcast? 

The decision to change the name of our podcast is rooted in a desire to reach a wider audience and to ensure that our content is accessible and inclusive for all parents, regardless of whether their child has a diagnosis of autism. We’ve recognized that while our core principles and methods remain invaluable for families navigating autism, they also hold profound benefits for general toddler parenting. By adopting a name that reflects a broader focus, we aim to remove barriers and stigmas associated with autism, making our resources more appealing and relevant to a wider range of parents and caregivers facing a variety of developmental and parenting challenges. 

Barbera Early Childhood Assessment™ Tool

Through the introduction of the Barbera Early Childhood Assessment (BECA)™ tool and a wealth of practical advice, our rebranding promises to be a beacon for those navigating the complexities of toddlerhood. Whether it’s speech delays, picky eating, tantrums or potty training, our focus remains steadfast on providing actionable insights and solutions. This doesn’t mean the information won’t be for autism families too, but it will also be for families who may not have a diagnosis. 

Join Me on This New Journey

This transition marks an exciting chapter in our collective journey to support every toddler’s growth and well-being. I invite you to stay subscribed, become an integral part of our expanding mission, and share our resources widely. Together, let’s transform challenges into triumphs, ensuring every toddler’s potential is fully realized.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support and engagement mean the world to me, and I look forward to continuing our shared mission in “Positive Toddler Parenting™.” Let’s make a difference, one toddler at a time.