Premature Babies and Autism: A Success Story with Jannette

Welcome to a new episode of the Turn Autism Around®! In the latest episode, the podcast delves into the fascinating relationship between prematurity and autism, exploring how to distinguish the effects they have on child development. Jeanette joins me today and opens up about her own experience with her prematurely born son and initially dismissing the possibility of autism. So come join us as we dive into prematurity, child development, signs of autism and the importance of joining my online course and community so that you can get started with early intervention regardless of diagnosis.


  • Jeanette’s fall into the autism world
  • Premature baby development and corrected age
  • How to tell if it is autism or developmental delay
  • Jeanette’s personal story with a micro premie
  • Risks premature babies face.
  • Jeanette’s autism diagnosis story
  • How Jeanette’s son is doing now, at 4
  • Jeanette’s success with the Turn Autism Around® Approach

Premature Baby Development

When you have a child who was born very premature like Jeanette’s son, it can be hard to know whether they are just delayed or there is something more going on! Jeanette and I dive deep on the signs of autism that aren’t always discussed and how they presented in her son, and how over time diagnosis of autism became more clear. She shares with me risk factors that premature babies have, and how it can be really hard to know if developmental delays or medical issues are the cause, or if it is in fact autism. 

This podcast episode stresses the importance of understanding the impact of prematurity and seeking support early, regardless of diagnosis. We shine a light on language delays, the challenges faced by parents of premature babies, and the risks associated with prematurity, such as vision loss and learning disabilities.

premature baby development

Online Course Success 

Jeanette shares her personal experiences, highlighting early intervention and the importance of monitoring and follow-ups. My online courses, Turn Autism Around®, really changed the developmental course for Jeanette’s now, 4-year-old, son. She shares the many successes she and her family are now seeing thanks to the courses. 

The podcast also looks into the journey of recognizing and accepting a child’s autism, discussing key signs and the significance of early intervention.  It provides valuable insights into addressing problem behaviors and emphasizes the role of parents in their child’s development. You can make positive changes in your child or clients lives, like Jeanette did by starting with a free workshop. 

The episode concludes with gratitude and well wishes, leaving listeners inspired and informed. Don’t miss out on the enlightening conversations on the Turn Autism Around® podcast!