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Forever boy kate swenson

Forever Boy, A New Autism Memoir with Kate Swenson

From the creator of Finding Cooper’s Voice, comes the book Forever Boy. Kate Swenson joins me for the second time on the Turn Autism Around podcast to share her new book, available now. Forever Boy is an autism memoir about Kate’s real experiences navigating parenting and life with her son Cooper, pre-diagnosis and beyond. Kate shares a beautiful excerpt in today’s interview, along with some insight on the inspiration behind the book and the reality of having a large social media following.

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why time outs don't work

Why Timeouts Don’t Work and Alternatives You Can Use Instead

Timeouts, punishment, and threats of punishment are overused and ineffective strategies for changing problem behavior. Today I am sharing the three big reasons timeouts do not work. I cover the base level problems with punishment, discipline, and why I do not recommend these strategies. You can find out more about this topic in my brand new online mini-course, No More Time Out.

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behavior change contract

Using a Behavior Change Contract to Promote Positive Behaviors with Dr. William Heward and Dr. Jill Dardig

“Sign Here”, you may have heard your child say with a loose leaf scribbled contract in hand to get something they desire. This is actually a research based tool that you can use to get real change and meet real goals. Today I am interviewing Dr. William Heward and Dr. Jill Dardig, authors of the book, Let’s Make a Contract, a family friendly book about changing your child’s behavior in a positive way. We get into what a behavior contract is, who it’s for, and how you can make it work.

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Autism waiting list

How To Help Your Toddler Talk! Hot Seat #4 with Elissa

Do you have a toddler who was recently diagnosed with ASD? Elissa M is in the hot seat to share her beginnings of early intervention with her 2 and a half year old Lexi. After reading my book, Turn Autism Around, and working on my online Toddler Course, Elissa is ready to review Lexi’s assessments and discuss how her therapy is going and what Lexi’s future therapy may look like for Early Intervention and ABA. Not only do we discuss all of the assessments included in my free book resources, we go over tips and new activities to get Lexi talking!

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