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Autism and Police

Individuals with Autism and Police: What You Need To Know with Captain Gerald Turning

Safety is a big concern for the Turn Autism Around podcast. Captain Jerry Turning of Blue Bridge Training shares valuable information on the community of autism parents and first responders. Jerry is an autism dad and former police officer, he understands parents concerns because he is a parent. We discuss a variety of safety issues for children with autism and how parents can approach and trust law enforcement with their child’s safety regardless of age.

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weaning off pacifier

When To Tackle Weaning Off Pacifiers with Pediatric Feeding Specialist Melanie Potock

Children with autism often present feeding and drinking issues, coupled with weaning off pacifiers and bottles, this can create stress for families surrounding mealtime. In today’s episode, Melanie Potock, SLP and feeding expert, shares some great resources and knowledge surrounding tackling picky eating and weaning. It is her goal to bring joy back to eating and meal time while promoting positive oral development and motor skills, this is a great listen.

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Verbal Behavior Approach

My Journey with The Verbal Behavior Approach

My book The Verbal Behavior Approach is now published in 15 languages. Out for over a decade, this book is reaching all over the world to spread successful strategies for teaching kids with autism. In today’s episode, listen to me share live via Zoom with Lithuanian readers all about my background and start with the Verbal Behavior Approach.

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spark for autism

Spark Autism Research with Dr. Pamela Feliciano

Research in the autism community is crucial to identifying the cause and treatment, especially with so many genetic questions. Pamela Feliciano is the senior scientist at SFARI and the scientific director at SPARK. These organizations are some of the largest in autism research. Pamela and I discuss the importance and impact of the studies and how they can support autism families.

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