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Early diagnosis of autism

10 Early Warning Signs of Autism

Are there signs that can lead to an early diagnosis of autism? In chapter two of my book, Turn Autism Around, I discuss possible warning signs for autism. I am going over these 10 signs in today’s episode. These signs include lack of pointing, speech delays, and many more. Having these signs does not automatically mean autism but even without a diagnosis, they can be worked on to help your child with my proven four-step approach, Turn Autism Around.

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research topics in ABA

Research Topics in ABA for Practitioners with Dr. Amber Valentino

Research, and new research conducted by practitioners working within the field, is critical to the development of practice and the betterment of our children. In this interview with Dr. Amber Valentino of Trumpet Behavior Health, we are discussing applied research, the importance of conducting studies, the barriers for practitioners and getting published. We discuss some of my own peer reviewed journal articles and other studies I’ve completed. The goal of research is to share knowledge, procedures that work, and make the world a better place.

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Autism case study

Autism Case Study with Michelle C : From 2 Words to 500 Words with ABA Online Course

Can language skills truly improve and excel through ABA and my online courses? Michelle C of episode 78 returns for a progress update on her daughter Elena. We discuss the improvement that can occur through the effective implementation of my online course, how ABA therapy works with strong parent advocacy, and if it’s possible to reverse an autism diagnosis? Michelle is the captain of the ship when it comes to her daughters, their learning, and their health and we are excited to share this amazing progress story.

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Aba australia

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Australia with Mandy Mason

Mandy Mason is a powerhouse mom of two daughters, BCBA, and CEO and Founder of FIT Learning in Australia. In this interview she shares her journey with her youngest daughter’s diagnosis and how that has morphed her career and life. We discuss Australia and how it relates to autism rates, finding a diagnosis, and ABA. This episode has great advice for parents and professionals and unique insight on autism across the globe.

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Down Syndrome and Autism

Down Syndrome and Autism with Angela Lee

Can an individual have both Down Syndrome and Autism? In this interview with Angela Lee, we discuss how these diagnoses often go hand in hand, the therapies for both, and Angela’s unique approach to encouraging more employment opportunities for this community. This is a great episode from a Mother, BCBA, and advocate in the special needs community.

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