Top 10 Best Autism Podcast 2023: Turn Autism Around

In this exciting episode, I dive deep into the top ten best podcast episodes of the Turn Autism Around podcast in 2023. These episodes have been carefully selected based on listens, downloads, and views on platforms like YouTube. I love looking at the best podcast episodes of 2023 as I get to reflect on how much I have learned. If you’re at the beginning of your autism journey or unsure if your child is on the spectrum, this episode is a must-listen.


  • Top 10 episodes of 2023 selected based on listens, downloads, and views
  • Controversy around gestalt language processing and echolalia
  • Potty training strategies and resources
  • Importance of curated content
  • Strategies for improving talking and mistakes to avoid
  • New research on autism outcomes

Gestalt Language Processing

Let’s start with Episode 209, where I had the pleasure of interviewing Sari Risen, an SLP/ BCBA, who shares valuable insights into gestalt language processing and its relation to echolalia, delayed echolalia, and scripting. We discuss the controversy surrounding this episode among Instagram and TikTok influencers who advocate for a different language acquisition model. But we stand firm in our belief that children who script or have echolalia can learn from the strategies we present. I added this to the best autism podcasts of 2023 lists because before 2023, I was not familiar with Gestalt Language Processing.

Potty Training and Courses

Episode 210 is a rebroadcast of our most popular topic;  potty training. In this episode, I share my expertise and background as a registered nurse in helping children with autism potty train. My child-friendly approach to potty training is a game-changer, and I even offer my free 20 page e-book to help you potty train.

In Episode 214, I had the pleasure of welcoming Ruth, a dedicated listener who attended our course. She shares her enthusiasm for the podcast and emphasizes the value of curated content over relying solely on free resources. We discuss the benefits of enrolling in online courses, especially for parents struggling with speech delays. Our “Five Days to more Talking” course is a great affordable option to kickstart progress.

More Best Autism Podcasts

Moving on, I discuss the remaining top ten episodes from the show. We cover a wide range of topics, including hyperlexia, autism toys, and strategies for addressing speech delay concerns in 18-month-old children. I emphasize the significance of early intervention and provide valuable insights from an interview with Dr. Francesca del Espinosa on joint attention and eye contact. See the show notes for links to all these great episodes.

In another episode, 238, I highlight the significance of sitting caddy corner from a child or caregiver in developing joint attention. I also discuss five language mistakes commonly made by parents and practitioners that unintentionally impede language development in children. Additionally, I delve into a research study on the persistence of autism spectrum disorder and the factors associated with better outcomes. Can children really lose their autism diagnosis later in life? 

Is Autism a Lifelong Diagnosis?

I share my controversial belief that autism is not necessarily a lifelong condition and that children with autism can experience improvements and reach their fullest potential with the right support. I discuss a new research that discusses this in episode 259, the final favorite episode of the year!  I prioritize helping kids develop adaptive skills, enhance language abilities, and manage problem behaviors. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where I discuss a real-life example of a child who received an autism diagnosis but no longer meets the criteria and no longer requires support.

Wishing you a happy New Year and a commitment to making a positive impact in 2024. Remember to subscribe, share, and join me on this journey to turn autism around.