Positive Growth Mindset Tips for Parents

Positive Growth Mindset Tips for Parents If you have a child with autism, some days are harder than others. And sometimes we let the hard days and the stress take over. We may have a difficult time thinking of the positives or having a growth mindset. I recently spoke with parent coach Len Arcuri and…

Diagnosing Autism: An Interview with Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Cheryl Tierney

With only 700 developmental pediatricians in the country, I was glad to connect with Dr. Cheryl Tierney to get her unique insights on how to navigate an autism diagnosis. Cheryl is passionate about teaching parents how to help their children with autism sleep by themselves, and youll love her ABA approach to solving common problems people face every day.

Casey Was Worried About Autism… Here’s What She Did

Is it possible that your childs delays are simply part of the COVID Kid phenomenon? Casey C wasnt interested in having her concerns brushed off by her provider, so when they told her that her sons regression was normal, she started looking for answers herself.

What is Stimming?

What is Stimming? One of the most common questions I get is about stimming and whether it's a part of autism spectrum disorders.  Some people question what is stimming? So today I am answering a few questions about stimming.  There's a lot of misconceptions about stimming. I just want to make it clear. All people…

Planning and Setting Goals for Autism

How will you know if your child is making meaningful progress in their therapy program? In this podcast, learn how to make realistic goals that are tailored to meet your child at their level, and that are designed to help them steadily improve.

Professional Collaboration with Parents | Interview with Ria & Kristen

When parents and professionals collaborate to create a therapy plan, theyre able to powerfully amplify the work that they do alone. Ria and Kristen have worked together to help Rias son adjust and thrive with ABA therapy, and in the last year have seen rapid improvements in his language and behavior.

Autism Parent Interview with Eileen P.

At twenty-three months old, Eileens son wasnt even talking. Concerned about his development, she took him to a pediatric specialist who shrugged off her concerns about OT and speech therapy. Like many parents, Eileens insistence on better therapy services immediately has yielded a marked improvement in her sons speech.

Live Q&A Call: Your Autism Questions Answered

For parents who need advice on how to take the next step in their journey with autism, I offer some insights on how to move forward. It can be tempting to see a childs progress and then try to move on quickly to the next level, but I want you to avoid mistakes that will hinder your childs long-term development.

Autism Assessment: Step one of the Turn Autism Around Approach

An assessment provides a clear outline of where a child with autism is at, what skills theyre going to work on, and how effective the therapy is for the child. I share my one-page assessment today from my newest book so that you can see how effective assessments can be.